SERCLA - Milk Classification Services

The Milk Classification Service has the objection of applying the Act No. 11/98 of the 5th of March.

It is the responsibility of SERCLA to execute all the Activities related to the classification of the producer's milk based on its hygiene quality and composition, namely as follows:

- To collect individual samples at the defined collection locations (at least 4 samples are collected by producer/month).

- To transport the samples to the SERCLA labs where the following lab determinations are performed according to the Portuguese Standards (PS) in force:

  • Fatty meat content
  • Raw protein content
  • Microorganisms count at 30º C
  • Somatic cell count
  • Preservatives and neutralizers tracers
  • Water tracing

- To report the classification results to the competent authorities. This way, the treatment of the analysis data for milk classification purposes is made by SERCLA and then sent to the dairy industries.

The milk classification is based on the values of each lab determination predicted for "Standard Milk", from which bonuses or penalties are applied in a score system (classification grid).

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