The IAMA has the following bodies:
a) The Administration, composed by three members: one president and two agents
b) The Consulting Board

To execute its responsibilities, IAMA has the following services:
a) Assessment and support services:

  • Administration Services Department
  • Technical Office
  • Organization and Management Services Administration

b) Operation services:

  • Agricultural Markets Services Administration
  • Quality Services Administration

c) External services:

  • São Miguel Slaughterhouse
  • São Miguel Milk Classification Service
  • Terceira and Faial delegations

Assessment and support services

The Administration Services Department includes:
a) The Staff Section
b) The Property and General Matters Section

The Technical Office includes:
a) The Technical Support Division
b) The Information Documentation Division

The Management and Organization Services Administration includes:
a) The Financial Management Division
b) The IT Centre

Operation Services

The Agricultural Markets Services Administration includes:
a) The Milk and Dairy Products
b) The Meat and Other Animal Based Products Division
c) The Vegetable Products Division

The Quality Services Administration includes:
a) The Animal Products Quality Division
b) The Vegetable Products Quality Division

External services

São Miguel Slaughterhouse
The São Miguel slaughterhouse includes all existing slaughterhouses in the islands of São Miguel and Santa Maria.

Milk Classification Services
It is of the competence of the Milk Classification Services to execute all the activities related to the milk classification by producer based on its hygiene quality and composition.

Terceira and Faial Delegations
It is of the competence of the delegations to ensure, in general, in the islands where its jurisdiction applies, the execution of the activities required to the enforcement of the responsibilities and competences of the IAMA.

Consulting Board Composition:

  • President of the board, who is the administrator
  • Agricultural Development Regional Director
  • Agriculture and Fishing Planning Office Director
  • A representative from de Economy Regional Office
  • Three representatives from the agriculture associations
  • Two representatives of the production cooperation sector
  • A representative of the dairy products industry
  • A representative of the meat transformation industry
  • A representative of the fruit and vegetable transformation industry
  • A representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Azores
  • A representative of the agriculture and food unions


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