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The Institute for Food and Agricultural Markets, created in the Azores Autonomous Region in 1986, is a regional public institute with judicial person and administration, financial and property autonomy, integrated in the Regional Administration, Regional Agriculture and Forestry Office, and performs its activity all over the Region.

It is of the competence of IAMA (Institute for Food and Agricultural Markets), among others, to execute the verification and control operations of the granting conditions of the community, national and regional subsidies, the following of the evolution of the agricultural markets at the level of agricultural and livestock products commerce and transformation, as well as the execution of the regional politics within the scope of some quality regimes predicted in the applicable regulation.

It is also of the competence of IAMA, the tutelage and management of the national slaughter network, and the classification of milk by production, in order to ensure a public supply according to the hygiene and food safety rules in force.

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IAMA-Instituto de Alimentação e Mercados Agrícolas
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